Picasso-Dali Dali-Picasso (Barcelona)

cubism surrealism picasso dali

Picasso-Dali-barcelona picasso museum

dali-picasso Picasso-Dali-barcelona picasso museum

Egon Schiele – The Radical Nude (Courtauld, London)

Egon Schiele Nude_with_crossed_arms- The Radical Nude

Pablo Picasso meets Brigitte Bardot

Pablo Picasso meets Brigitte Bardot

Artists with cats

Hannah Hoch - collagist

Hannah Hoch – collagist

William Burroughs - author

William Burroughs – author


Montreux Jazz Festival 1983 – Keith Haring

montreux jazz festival 1983 keith haring poster

montreux jazz festival 1983 keith haring t-shirt

God & Adam


Van Gogh (minus ear) [detail]

Vincent Van Gogh - Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear detail