Bill Clinton meets JFK

bill-clinton meets jfk

Pablo Picasso meets Brigitte Bardot

Pablo Picasso meets Brigitte Bardot

Muhammad Ali meets The Beatles

Muhammad Ali meets The Beatles in 1964

in 1964

Charlie Chaplin meets Albert Einstein

Charlie Chaplin meets Albert Einstein

Allen Ginsberg & Bob Dylan

allen_ginsberg poet

allen ginsberg and bob dylan

allen ginsberg and bob dylan at jack kerouac's grave in lowell, massachusetts


allen ginsberg and bob dylan at jack kerouac’s grave in lowell, massachusetts

Bryony Kimmings as Catherine Bennett (and a monkey)

Bryony Kimmings actress performer


love tattoo fist

The Milky Way

Milky-Way stars

The Rokeby Venus by Velazquez

Velazquez The Rokeby Venus

The Rokeby Venus (also known as The Toilet of VenusVenus at her Mirror, Venus and Cupid, La Venus del espejo) by Diego Velázquez, National Gallery London

Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe musician